• A javascript particle emitter for use with the excellent CreateJS, which you can use to create stunning visual effects for you own projects
  • Free to use
  • Free web based editor
  • Influenced by existing frameworks
  • Full documentation available
  • Example of usage

ParticleEmitterJS is a free extension for the CreateJS suite of JavaScript libraries, allowing developers to quickly add visually spectacular particle effects to their projects. It has been heavy influenced by other particle emitter implementations available in other frameworks, particularly Cocos2d.

In addition, we have created an editor which will give you the power to easy configure your own particle emitter and export the necessary code for use in your own work.

Getting started
  • Prerequisites
    • What you will need before you can use ParticleEmitterJS
  • Download
    • The binaries for ParticleEmitterJS
  • Free Editor
    • The free web based editor to create particle effects for use with ParticleEmitterJS

Below is a comet effect I created using the emitter. For further examples you can click on one of the following links. All the examples you see here are included in the download.

5 thoughts on “ParticleEmitterJS

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  3. Great stuff, it would be great to have the optional duration of emition in params, for ex 2000 msecs of emiting and than the emiter dies also..

    • That’s a great idea. I will put this on the todo list for the next release.

      Thanks for your feedback.